Following on from my previous translation of the gluten free speculaas recipe, I just translated a wheat flour one from the Nieuwe Haagse Kookboek (2006 printing).

100g soft brown sugar

100g butter

3g salt

about 3 spoons (spoon = 15ml) water

200g self-raising flour

40g biscuit crumbs

10g speculaas spice

optional 5g lemon peel (not sure if they mean zest)

50g almonds

rice, or potato flour

  • Sieve sugar/
  • Put everything except almond and rice flour in a bowl/
  • Cut the butter small into the mixture, and knead into an even dough/
  • Peel the almonds, chop them and mix them with the dough or use them partially for garnishing.
  • Preferably make the dough one day in advance.

If you have speculaas (or shortbread) molds, dust with rice (or potato) flour before stamping. [Says you can garnish with almonds, but don’t see how that would work with the fine molds.]

Bake at 160ºC. Bake for 25–30 minutes.

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